Custom publishing

For almost 15 years, ViVio has been Belgium’s leading custom publisher in the fields of health and well-being, offering a one-stop customer publication service on printed and/or digital media: magazines, newsletters, brochures, activity reports, comic strips, etc.


ViVio supports your digital communication strategy through its qualitative and approved health and well-being content. Its team of specialist content creators produces your web content in different formats: editorial, interactive, videos and animations. Every month, ViVio creates more than 150 new pieces of web content.

ViVio publications

ViVio publishes collections of guides and other material to raise awareness and provide information on health, including the MediPedia website, designed for both the general public and healthcare professionals. Since 2013, ViVio has also been offering its collections of guides in the form of digital applications.



ViVio produces custom-made informational and educational material designed for patients, the general public and healthcare professionals.

Comic strips

ViVio produces health education comic strips designed to raise awareness of major health topics among children and adolescents.

Editions for professionals

ViVio publishes reference material for healthcare professionals to keep them up to date and assist them in their role providing patient advice and education.


ViVio’s editorial and graphics teams offer a one-stop service for your custom print and digital magazines on health and well-being.

Medipedia is Belgium’s first web-based encyclopaedia of medical conditions. Aimed at the general public, the website provides extensive information on major conditions.

Patient's Guides

Distributed via doctors and patients’ associations, the guides ViVio publishes provide practical, visual, informative material to educate patients about their condition.

Videos & animations

To give impact and dynamism to your health messages, ViVio produces videos based on personal accounts, interviews, reportage and fiction, as well as animations.

Web Advertising Sales

ViVio supports your digital communication strategy through advertising sales for the e-santé, e-gezondheid and MediPedia websites.

Web editing

ViVio specialises in the creation of editorial content on health and well-being and helps you develop your “content marketing” strategy on the internet.