Based in Brussels, ViVio is a publisher and content creator specialising in the design and production of information media in the field of health and well-being. For almost 15 years, ViVio has been developing communication material in collaboration with major players in the medical, pharmaceutical and health sectors in the broadest sense.

ViVio boasts a team of more than 30 specialists in health content and publishing, including doctors, pharmacists and biologists, as well as specialist journalists.

ViVio has a subsidiary in Paris, responsible for developing the French market, where ViVio is already publishing one of the leading health magazines for the general public.

The ViVio Story

ViVio was founded in 1998 by Dr Philippe Violon, a neurologist, and his brother, Laurent Violon, a commercial engineer (Solvay Brussels School).

Our vocation: content

A specialist in the creation of health and well-being content, ViVio designs and produces information material in the form of magazines, guides, websites and other digital media.

ViVio today

With almost 15 years’ experience in health publishing, ViVio has structured its activities in three key areas: custom publishing, digital content production and publishing in its own right.

The ViVio team

ViVio can count on the expertise and professionalism of some thirty associates, all of whom share a passion for information, publishing and health.