ViVio publications

Distributed via doctors and patients’ associations, the guides produced and published by ViVio are practical, visual tools providing patient education and information.

ViVio publishes 5 collections of guides for patients: the Belgian Patient’s Guides, the Visual Patient’s Guides, the Visual Patient’s e-Guides, the “Living Life Better" Guides and the “Moving and Health” Guides.

Belgian Patient's Guides

The Belgian Patient’s Guides are a reference collection providing patient information on the principal chronic conditions, their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, aids and patients’ associations. Given by the doctor to the patient at the time of diagnosis, the Patient’s Guides have a graphical and textual structure that allows them to be read “a la carte”. There are more than 35 titles currently available.


Why is my cholesterol level too high and how can I put it right? What is a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet? How should I change my lifestyle? When is it necessary to take medication to reduce cholesterol? This publication, based on scientific information, is designed as an educational guide for people who want to know more about the causes, risks and treatments of high blood cholesterol.

Belgian Patient's Guides


What is diabetes? How is it diagnosed? What are the possible consequences? What lifestyles changes are needed if you become diabetic? What treatments are available? This guide, which is based on scientific information, is designed to educate and inform those who want to know more about the causes, risks and treatments associated with diabetes.

Belgian Patient's Guides


What is depression? How can it be diagnosed? How can it be treated? Are there any effective treatments? Devised as an educational, practical guide, this booklet is aimed at people who want to find out more about the causes and treatment of depression.

Belgian Patient's Guides

Chronic renal insufficiency

What is chronic renal insuf- ficiency? What are the causes? How is chronic renal insuf- ficiency diagnosed? When is dialysis or kidney transplant necessary? This practical and informative guide provides patients and their families with answers to the many questions they may have about chronic renal insufficiency.

Belgian Patient's Guides

My cardiovascular risk

What is cardiovascular risk? How is my cardiovascular risk calculated? What can I do to reduce this risk? This publication has been designed as a practical and informative guide that will help to make you more aware of the condition of your arteries and encourage you to look after your cardiovascular health.

Belgian Patient's Guides