ViVio publications

ViVio publishes reference guides for health professionals (doctors, pharmacists, etc.) in printed and digital formats. Distributed by representatives, these guides support healthcare professionals in their role of providing information and advice.

ViVio publishes 4 collections of guides designed for healthcare professionals: the Visual Atlases, the Visual e-Atlases, the Belgian Doctor’s Guides and the Belgian Pharmacist’s Guides.


Visual Atlases

Providing educational material for doctor-patient interaction, the Visual Atlases are a range of educational aids to help doctors explain to patients the causes and symptoms of their illness and the possible treatments. Their large format makes them practical for use in the consulting room, encouraging dialogue between doctor and patient. The medical illustrations and those on daily life help patients understand their condition through the use of images. The Visual Atlases are now available in digital format, as a mini website and as iOS and Android applications. This dynamic version gives doctors the opportunity to disclose information gradually to patients, while a drawing tool enables doctors to add notes and put together their own explanatory diagrams.