ViVio publications

Distributed via doctors and patients’ associations, the guides produced and published by ViVio are practical, visual tools providing patient education and information.

ViVio publishes 5 collections of guides for patients: the Belgian Patient’s Guides, the Visual Patient’s Guides, the Visual Patient’s e-Guides, the “Living Life Better" Guides and the “Moving and Health” Guides.

Moving and Health Guides

The aim of the “Moving and Health” Guides is to help patients combine illness and exercise. These practical, interactive, adaptable guides take the form of visual cards in a handy binder and offer patients exercises suited to their condition. Specific information is given for each exercise: objective, duration, level of difficulty, etc. This information is accompanied by a series of photos to help patients visualise the exercises clearly and fit them into their daily routine.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Moving and Health Guides