Custom publishing

ViVio produces health education comic strips on the topic of your choice, tailored to ensure you get your message across by working with handpicked illustrators, scriptwriters and the appropriate choice of format. ViVio’s comic strips are particularly suited to children and adolescents and to subjects that are better put across in a more light-hearted way.

Sam & Oscar: le rhume de mon ami

Client: VSM Belgium

Subject: the cold

Comic strips

Ca ne gâchera pas la fête!

Client: The UCB Institute of Epilepsy

Subject: Epilepsy

Comic strips

Une tête trop remplie

Client: Novartis

Subject: ADHD

Comic strips


Client: Biodiphar

Comic strips

Lô & Co: Vive la vie

Client: Wyeth

Comic strips

Ours blanc & ours brun contre les infections

Comic strips

Bruno, le petit ours qui tousse

Client: Fournier Pharma

Comic strips